Still using pen and paper?
Save time and money. Switch to the automated HAWK-I Travel & Expense Management system, your one stop solution to manage your travel expenses.
Get Set Go!
Cloud based application allowing you to self configure and go live in a day!
Need to spend more time out?
Mobile solution and Notification management providing you information at anytime and anywhere
Manage your policies and approvals with ease
Modules like Organisation Modeller, Cost Allocation policies and Policy enforcement allow you to manage your rules easily.
Hassle free integration
Integrate with multiple target points. Provides Security and Audit trail management.

Trip Planning

Get your Travel Expenses approved even before your trip begins. Travel stress free.

Policy Compliance

Approval process is a breeze when the Managers know exactly what they are approving.

HAWK-I Mobile

Native apps for Android and iOS. Raise a Travel Request or Expense Claim from virtually anywhere.

Multi Currency System

Travel around the globe and leave the pain of currency conversion of your expenses to HAWK-I.

Easy To Use

Seamless, integrated system right from travel booking to employee reimbursement. Saves time and effort every step of the way.

Reporting Analytics

Customized reports at the click of a button. Gain valuable insights into your company’s travel expenses.