Key Differentiators of hawk-i

Business Agility.

Travel decisions and policies change often. Incorporate and enforce these changes as they happen, fast.

Accurate Cost Allocation.

One expense bill, different line items. Divide and allocate these to different relevant cost-centers.

Fraud Management.

Prevent expense reimbursement frauds. Identify fictitious, duplicate and inflated business expense claims.

Simplifying Travel & Expense Management for Everyone

Business Control

Fraud Management - Hawk-I can help you detect, mitigate and prevent expense-reimbursement fraud as it is captures end-to-end travel & expense related activity in one place. It also helps you avoid duplications by providing accurate visibility into expenses.

Claim Integrity - Powered by the Business Rules Engine, Hawk-I ensures that your employees adhere to defined rules and policies. It checks the submitted claims for completeness and accuracy, and flags any errors or missed documents.

Granular expense visibility - Hawk-I gives your finance team precise control over total costs by dividing T&E related cost among different cost-centers. This granular mapping of travel related expenses also allows for accurate forecasts and calculations based on future changes.

Real-time dashboard - Hawk-I can help you create ad-hoc, standard and custom reports using its built-in charting and reporting abilities. Its advanced visual data analytics allows your employees to create interactive charts such as scroll charts & trend charts with little or no dependency on IT.

Audit trail - Hawk-I provides you the ease of auditing both approval matrix and master data in case of any discrepancy. It allows your organization to track and monitor the changes made to the master data or approval matrix by any user, anytime.

Delegation - Hawk-I allows for both auto or manual delegation when any approving authority is unavailable. Delegation can be done on the same or higher designation level as the approver.

Organization modeler - Hawk-I gives your control team the flexibility of modelling a visual interface to map the hierarchy of your organization with its nifty drag and drop feature. The hierarchy mapping can enable you to enforce policies and entitlements at the granularity of designation or grade.

Mobility - The Full Featured Hawk-I mobile app provides a seamless business travel experience on-the-go, and lets your Employees scan receipts and complete expense submission while on the move. This allows your employees to focus on their tasks without the hassle of carrying around physical receipts to document every expense.

On-the-go Approval - Requests can both be made and authorized on-the-go with the Hawk-I mobile app. This allows you to avoid unnecessary delays and red-tape to make lightning fast decisions – a quality crucial for success in the corporate world.

Event Notifications - Hawk-I enables real-time notifications to concerned personnel via email and app whenever an event such as travel request, approval, changes, etc. takes place.

Direct expense feed - Employees can scan their receipts or use direct feeds from travel service providers such as Uber, Ola and others to initiate claims quickly and easily. With an open API architecture, Hawk-I can enable feeds from any travel service provider as long as they provide the relevant API.


Wizard-driven Configuration - Hawk-I’s intuitive wizard driven setup can help your employees quickly and easily set up master-data, shortening the time to go live and reducing their dependency on IT. For a medium-sized organization, the setup time can be as less than a day.

Cloud Availability - Hawk-I has both cloud and on-premise deployment models to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. On-the-cloud availability can help your business not only to auto scale but also to facilitate pay-as-you-go model.

Open Architecture - Hawk-I provides over 100 published APIs for every functionality ready to be embedded in your organizations existing apps. It integrates effortlessly with commonly used systems in every organization.

Scalability & Security - Hawk-I is built on a highly scalable and secure architecture. In its cloud offering, Hawk-I provides the feature of auto scaling and built-in security measures such as DDOS attack prevention, hashing of passwords, CSRF, AWS firewall, and more.